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Construction Clean-Up: The Supplies Needed And Steps To Take To Clean A Construction Site

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After a major construction project, it's common to have a ton of debris left behind. However, leaving the debris behind would not only take away from the finished project but also cause potential risks worth avoiding. Because leaving trash behind is never a good idea due to the hazards it can cause, construction clean-up is inevitable. If you need to clean the mess after construction work, you need certain supplies and should follow a few specific steps.

Supplies Needed to Clean Up After a Construction Site

When cleaning a construction site, certain supplies can make the job much more manageable. It helps to have the following ready to use:

  • Protective Gloves - Some construction materials can irritate the hands, especially when there is a lot of dust from sawing and completing other construction work. The right pair of durable gloves will protect the hands from injury during the clean-up.
  • Contractor Trash Bags - The standard trash bag used at home doesn't quite cut it when cleaning a construction site. It's better to use strong, tearproof contractor trash bags that can hold heavy materials without breaking or ripping on the sides.
  • Roll-Off Dumpster - After accumulating a bunch of trash from picking up the debris left behind at the construction site, it's necessary to have a good spot to put it. Renting a roll-off dumpster is a fantastic option because it offers the space needed for dozens of trash bags and may be rolled back and forth as needed.

These supplies make it easier to start cleaning up after the construction mess.

 Steps to Take During the Construction Site Clean-Up Job

Aside from having the right supplies, taking specific steps when cleaning a construction site can speed up the process so that the job gets done fast yet efficiently. These steps include:

  • Collect the Debris - Begin collecting debris, such as drywall scraps, cardboard boxes, pieces of lumber, and more. Start with larger items until everything is collected and tossed into a trash bag, and then place the trash bags into the roll-off dumpster.
  • Remove Traces of Dust - After collecting debris, it's time to remove all the dust with different equipment, such as heavy-duty vacuums, brooms, and mops.
  • Wipe Down Surfaces - Clean all surfaces, some of which may have dirt, paint, or dust on them due to the construction work that occurred.

By going in this order to clean the construction site, it's possible to eliminate the mess left behind and leave the newly constructed project looking amazing. For more information on construction clean-up, contact a professional near you.