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Two Tips For Getting The Most From Using Recycling Services

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Recycling can be an excellent way of helping to reduce the amount of trash that your home sends to the landfill. However, there are some homeowners that may have only recently decided to start recycling, and they may not know what to expect from this process. If this applies to you, the following couple of tips may help you to ensure that your experience with recycling is as enjoyable as possible.

Protect The Bin From Fluids Leaking Out Of Cans And Bottles

Your home may produce large amounts of cans and bottles over the course of a week. Unfortunately, the residual liquid in these bottles can leak out, which may fill the bottom of your recycling bin. In addition to causing a foul odor, this liquid can also attract insects and other pests to your home. By taking the time to rinse out any cans and bottles before placing them in the recycling, you can help to avoid this nuisance. Another step that you can take to combat this problem is to drill a hole in each corner at the bottom of the garbage bin. This will help to ensure any water or other fluids that make it into the bin can easily drain out.

Opt For A Single Stream Recycling Provider

Some homeowners may assume that recycling will be an inconvenient task because it will require several bins for separating the various items to be recycled. For those that want to avoid having multiple recycling bins in from of their homes, it is possible to opt for a single stream provider. When using these providers, you will have a single recycle bin for all of your recyclables. These providers will handle separating the various items at the recycling facility, and utilizing this option can greatly reduce any inconvenience that you may experience. While these recycling services may have a slightly higher monthly fee, they can be more than worth the higher cost for those that want to avoid having multiple recycling bins and spending time separating the items to be recycled.

Making the decision to start recycling your home's garbage can be an excellent way of reducing the environmental impact that your home is having. Unfortunately, you may not have had the pleasure of being experienced with using recycling services, such as Main Street Fibers. By making sure to prevent liquids from gathering at the bottom of your bin and knowing the benefits of single stream providers, you will be in a far better position to get the most from using these services.