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Why Choose 3/4" Recycled Asphalt?

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Asphalt recycling uses materials made from recycled asphalt pavements in various ways. For example, to improve the quality and preserve the longevity of different asphalt pavings, such as highways and parking lots. It's both eco-friendly and durable, providing good traffic capacity and air permeability.

Discover three benefits of 3/4" Recycled Asphalt below.

1. Professional Recycling

The recycling process begins with milling. Milling removes the top layer of asphalt from a street or driveway without disturbing the sub-base. The asphalt is then collected and taken to an asphalt plant, where it gets screened and processed into new asphalt. The advantage is that you extend your asphalt surfaces' lifespan and don't incur extra costs for brand new materials.

For more damaged surfaces, the asphalt gets pulverized. Pulverization involves grounding a degraded asphalt layer with its sub-base to create a new sub-base. The method has lower costs than recycling as the base material doesn't require delivery to your installation site. It is also fast, and you get a more substantial sub-base for your new asphalt installation.

2. Cost Reduction 

3/4" recycled asphalt recycling reduces the use of new pavement materials such as aggregate and bitumen. According to a study on asphalt installation costs, the binder accounts for 70% of the total costs. The result is a cost reduction compared to using new pavement material.

3/4" asphalt recycling has to meet the local standard with requirements for quality and performance. Professional companies use specialized formulas that give a standard balance. This provision creates a competitive advantage. Consequently, you get high-quality asphalt recycling at low costs compared to new pavements.

3. Environmental Protection

Asphalt isn't the most environmentally friendly material, so it gets recycled to reduce waste. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and other environmental agencies support asphalt recycling as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

3/4" recycled asphalt is a byproduct of the need for new material, which reduces CO2 emissions. For example, the required C02 emissions for producing and transporting new asphalt materials are greater than that of recycling. Bitumen constitutes fossil resources that emit vast amounts of CO2 as a byproduct.

Asphalt is fully recyclable into quality pavings. Also, the reclaimed asphalt has a long life stewarding sustainability and environmental conservation.


If you have a budget and want to go green, consider recycled asphalt products. However, You'll require various types of equipment to produce 3/4" recycled asphalt.  Therefore, it is best to work with a professional 3/4" recycled asphalt company. The company will repurpose your degraded asphalt into affordable 3/4" recycled asphalt for your parking lots, roads, and driveways.

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